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PrankDial: Products & Services

PrankDial makes prank phone calls easy and hysterical!  They enable you to prank friends and family with anonymous, pro-scripted phone calls.  They offer hundreds of different call options with strategic pauses, designed to keep someone on the phone so you can cover your mouth and laugh!  Their call options are continually updated to make using them an unforgettable, original, and fun experience for all involved.  Best of all, using PrankDial's caller id emulator, you can have your recipient receive a call from anyone you like.


PrankDial: Company Background

PrankDial is an internet prank call pioneer.  They were the first and the original prank call generation site.  Over 99,682,883 prank calls have been generated by users using their service.  You can download their mobile phone applications below.

How To Use PrankDial

  • Choose any prank on the PrankDialwebsite's main site page or mobile phone application.
    • You can preview pranks before sending them.
  • Enter the number of the person you want to prank.
    • You can choose whatever number you want the call to come from that you desire!This is optional.
      • If it is left blank, the call will be coming from an unknown number.
  • Choose to listen live and record the prank.
    • Send the prank!
      • You can share it on your favorite social network!
PrankDial: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Garage Journal has a thread where its users are discussing experiences they have had with Prank Dial.  They are extremely pleased with the site and with themselves. I've even been Prank Dialed myself and its true, they do get you going until you realize you are not speaking with a live human!  PrankDial has many videos with audio from their website being filmed while pranks are in progress.  Users of PrankDial thought these calls went over well enough to upload them to YouTube.  Links to their successes are listed below.

Prank Dial Video #1

Prank Dial Video #2

PrankDial: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

PrankDial does not have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile nor are they certified with the bureau, but they do have a fantastic prank call from the BBB to a recipient who is being pranked!  People also frequent The Better Business Bureau phone number to make The BBB recipient of these prank calls, which I do not suggest, although it is hysterical to think about.  Complainers on Consumer Affairs are angry with PrankDial and feel that they violate the Do Not Call Registry, but a sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste!  Apparently, a business received a PrankDial call.  I think they are just angry, because the prankster got them!  PrankDial gives fresh inspiration to local pranksters everywhere!

PrankDial: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

PrankDial's website, has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 79,243, worldwide.  In The United States, PrankDial's website, has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 17,577.  They have 214 sites that link into theirs. has a Google PageRank rated at 4 out of a possible 10 points. 

PrankDial: Social Media Presence

PrankDial keeps an up-to-date Facebook account that has 262,000 likes associated with it.  You can actually listen to a sample prank call via PrankDial on Facebook herePrankDial also maintains a Twitter account.  They have tweeted 1,911 times and have 19,567 followers.  They are following 466 other Twitter profiles.  

PrankDial: Website Security & Safety

PrankDial's website, hasbeen deemed a safe website to visit and to use, according to safety ratings and listings on  Google Safebrowsing, AVG Website Antivirus, and also Norton Safeweb have assessed PrankDial's safety level and safety functionality and have all deemed the prank call website quite safe to visit and use.

PrankDial: Pricing & Packages

PrankDial offers 3 free calls a day, but they also offer tokens for sale to use the service.  With paid service, you get the features listed below you are unable to use with your free calls, daily.

  • Exclusive features available for free
  • Calls after 10 pm
  • No advertisements at call's end
  • International calling
  • Instant calls - no waiting for ads to play
  • No charge for calls that are not picked up
  • A contact book (phone book) to save numbers
  • E-mail support
  • Streaming calls through your computer
  • Access to Evil Operator
  • A saved history of your pranks
Token prices are listed below.
  • 24 Tokens - $5.95
  • 55 Tokens - $11.95
  • 100 Tokens - $16.95
  • 170 Tokens - $25.95
  • 300 Tokens - $31.95
PrankDial: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • PrankDial requires no equipment other than your phone or mobile device, and internet to access
  • All PrankDial's features can be accessed on using the simple and convenient tools they provide. 
  • Therefore, you will not need to pay to have anything shipped as you don't need any additional equipment.
PrankDial: Payment Methods Accepted

PrankDial offers 3 ways to get tokens to use their service.

  • You may purchase them on PrankDial using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or e-check for valid payment methods.
  • You can fill out surveys here to get free tokens.
  • Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for weekly free token contests.
  • Tweet PrankDial and get 2 tokens free!
PrankDial: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • PrankDial does not have an applicable return or refund policy. 
  • You customize the prank call you make and it may be successful.  It may not be. 
  • You, however, are not charged for calls that are not picked up or that the caller immediately hangs up on after receiving it. 
  • Using your 3 free daily calls are not refundable.  If calls are unanswered or you get hung up on, you lose the token you spent. 
PrankDial: Product images & screenshots
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